About Blue Kingdom Tours

Blue Kingdom Tours is a local, family-owned and operated company. We are passionate about exploring the Salish Sea, and we can’t wait to share our excitement with you! The Salish Sea is an expansive marine area in Washington, which comprises the Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca, Strait of Georgia, and a network of waterways weaving between the 419 islands it encompasses. Majestic views of surrounding mountain ranges and beautifully unique islands create a dramatic backdrop for whale watching, birding, and viewing all sorts of other creatures. Our local waters are home to 33 species of marine mammals, 172 species of birds, and over 250 species of fish! We truly believe the Salish Sea is one of the most incredible places in the world to explore, with its breathtaking scenery and diverse wildlife. It’s nature’s playground! Our goal is that after coming out on a tour, you will develop the same enthusiasm and curiosity about the Salish Sea and its inhabitants that inspires us to get out on the water every day!

Meet the Crew

Behind every epic tour is an exceptional crew!


Tyler and Faith McKeen are the co-founders and owners of Blue Kingdom Tours. They both grew up in Anacortes, Washington and have spent their lives exploring the San Juan Islands and surrounding waters. After leaving town to earn their degrees from the University of Washington, they returned to start their careers and family. Faith and Tyler love spending time with their kids playing on beaches, hiking, and boating around the islands together…always keeping their eyes peeled for whales and wildlife! When they’re not out exploring, the McKeens enjoy volunteering with Anacortes Young Life and traveling.

Captain Tyler has over ten years of experience operating boats in the Salish Sea, primarily as a whale watching and ecotourism guide. Faith is a pharmacist at the local hospital, but she believes fresh ocean air and time on the water are some of the best medicines!

Brooke casanova - Naturalist

Born and raised in the South Sound, Brooke has a deep love for the Puget Sound and all the creatures that call it home. With the closure of her small business in 2020, it opened a door for her to reconnect to these magical waterways with a familiar child-like wonder. Over the last couple of years she has spent her time working/volunteering as a naturalist exploring the intertidal zones, searching for whales and diligently reporting sightings, counting salmon fry in the rivers of Hood Canal, and teaching on-the-water marine education to middle schoolers. She owes her background knowledge to organizations like Harbor Wildwatch, Orca Network, the Foss Waterway Seaport Museum, HCSEG, and Orca Behavior Institute. Brooke is a true mermaid at heart so when she isn’t working you can find her in or near the salt water,  taking long beach walks with her pups and beachcombing for shells to make jewelry with.

Laura Zech - Naturalist/office ASSISTANT

Hopping from coast to coast and island to island, Laura has recently returned to the first place she ever called home: Bellingham. The Pacific Northwest has always been what Laura considers the best natural playground between the mountains, evergreens, and of course, the sea! Life on the water is essential for her, from sailing in the Chesapeake Bay, hosting luxury charters in the Virgin Islands, to now searching for the most magnificent marine life here in the Salish Sea. To her, there is a certain peace and captivation in knowing that each adventure brings something completely new and exciting. Laura fondly remembers her first whale watching trip in the San Juan Islands as a young kid, about 9 years old. This childhood experience has stayed close to her heart drawing her to learn more about whales, marine life, and conservation by observing them in their natural habitat. When Laura is on shore, she can be found hiking with her husband and Bernese Mountain Dog, enjoying a yoga class, or swinging like a monkey from aerial silks.

austin forsman - captain

Austin grew up as a third generation Anacortes kid. He wouldn’t have had it any other way. This place has all he’s ever wanted; fishing, hiking, wildlife, and wonderful people. Growing up, there wasn’t a spare moment that he didn’t spend on the water. Austin has three boys and an amazing wife. They try to spend as much time as possible on their boat, and around the water in general. Austin started running boats professionally in 2011 and hasn’t stopped since. During the winter months, you can find him teaching Physical Education here in Anacortes at one of the local elementary schools.

Elizabeth mckeen - office assistant

Elizabeth's journey from the shores of the Salish Sea to teaching English in Spain and then returning to Seattle is a rich tapestry of experiences. Growing up on Fidalgo Island instilled in her a deep appreciation for coastal living and nature's beauty. Her decision to move to Spain after graduating from the University of Washington was undoubtedly influenced by a desire to explore new cultures and share her love for her island home with others. During her time in Spain, Elizabeth not only taught English but also immersed herself in Spanish culture, likely developing a fondness for the vibrant lifestyle and cuisine. However, her heart eventually pulled her back to Anacortes, where she could reconnect with her roots and family. Rediscovering island life reignited her passion for the Salish Sea, reinforcing her belief in its unparalleled beauty. In her free moments, Elizabeth dives into her creative spirit and sense of adventure. Perfecting latte art suggests a meticulous attention to detail and a love for the craft of coffee making. Her penchant for digging rocks at Rosario Beach hints at a fascination with geology and the natural world. And planning future adventures abroad reflects her ongoing thirst for exploration and learning. Elizabeth's story is one of growth, cultural exchange, and a deep-seated love for both her island home and the wider world. Her experiences have undoubtedly shaped her into a person with a unique blend of island tranquility and cosmopolitan curiosity.

LUCY CAPRON - Naturalist

Lucy grew up here, where the foothills of the North Cascades meet the Pacific Ocean. She's always been passionate about conservation and nothing brings her more joy than being able to share experiences in nature with others. Lucy earned her Master’s degree in Marine Conservation in England and upon returning home sought to get involved with orcas and the greater ecosystem within the Salish Sea. She spent the summer of 2022 interning with Orca Behavior Institute, helping to collect data while she worked on analyzing recent movement patterns of the Southern Resident Killer Whales. When Lucy is not out on the water looking for whales and other marine life, she can be found hiking on the trails of Chuckanut and the North Cascades with her sweet pup, Kayah. She also loves gardening, going on runs, and playing beach volleyball.