August 28 – September 3

Anacortes whale watching was amazing again this week. 

Our incredible stretch of orca whale sightings continued this week as we had visits from the T059, T137, T037A, T099, and T065 families of orcas. This is easily the best stretch of killer whale sightings I’ve ever experienced in my career in whale watching here in the northwest so far. Absolutely amazing, and we hope it keeps up!

With that being said, this week’s highlight was two encounters on back to back mornings with a very friendly humpback whale named “Stitch”! Orcas are amazing, and are kind of what the pacific northwest seems to be known for, but there are so many days where the humpback whales steal the show, and Stitch did for us this week! 

There still lots of time left in the season to hop on an Anacortes whale watch! We hope to see you soon!