June 10 – June 16

We had a great week on the water this week. We saw killer whales on 6 of 8 tours this week and had a couple of wonderful humpback whale encounters as well.  This week we had visits from the T065A, T034, T037, and T099 families of killer whales. As always, it’s so hard to pick […]

June 3 – June 9

We had some wonderful weather this week with a lot of sunny tours! We saw whales on all 8 of our tours and killer whales on 5 of them. We had some wonderful humpback whale encounters this week as well as a couple of minke whale sightings.  This week we had visits from the T137, […]

May 27 – June 2

We had a wonderful week, sighting killer whales on all 6 of our tours, and also some sightings of humpback whales and a gray whale. Pacific white sided dolphins also made a rare appearance in the Salish Sea which was exciting to see! We had visits from the T073A, T123, T124A, and T137 families of […]

The Zodiac Experience

Introducing Sounder: The Ultimate Zodiac-Style Boat for Whale Watching Adventures in the Salish Sea      We are thrilled with our new vessel, Sounder! Crafted with precision by Rozema Boat Works in Bayview, Washington, Sounder is not just any ordinary vessel; she is a 38 foot, 17-passenger RHIB (rigid-hull inflatable boat), affectionately known as a […]

May 20 – May 26

As June rolls closer and closer, the whale sightings have continued! We saw killer whales on 3 of our 4 tours this week. We also had a couple of firsts for the season this week, with our first Minke whale encounter, and our first breaching humpbacks of the season.  We had visits from the T124A, […]

May 13 – May 19

Another incredible week in the Salish Sea! I keep thinking that this rate of killer whale sightings is going to slow down at some point, but it just hasn’t yet! We saw orcas on 5 of 6 tours this week. Year-to-date we have seen whales on every tour and orcas on 25 out of 29 […]

May 6 – May 12

The epic start to our year continues! We have now seen whales on every tour so far this year, and killer whales on 20 of our first 23 tours! And the best part of the week was the weather was so beautiful. It was sunny and warm, and so much fun to be on the […]

April 29 – May 5

Another good week of trips with killer whale sightings on all 4 tours this week! We also had our first humpback whale encounter of the year. We had visits from the T090, T049A, and T018 families of killer whales this week!  Perhaps the highlight of the week was on Saturday afternoons tour, when we got […]

April 22 – April 28

Our last week of April whale watching tours were epic! We had some questionable weather, but it didn’t stop us from having a great time, and we saw killer whales on all 4 tours this week!  This week we had encounters with the T036A, T065B, T018, T049A, and T075B families of killer whales. It was […]

April 15 – April 21

Another great week of whale watching in the San Juan Islands! We saw whales on all 4 tours this week and saw orcas on 3 of 4 trips.  This week we had visits from a couple of gray whales,one lone male orca T087, in addition to the T018, and T049A families of orcas.  The week […]