Bigg’s Killer Whales of the Salish Sea

Bigg’s Killer Whales of the Salish Sea There are two main types of Killer whales that frequent the Salish Sea. Bigg’s killer whales (also known as Transients), and Southern Resident killer whales. Today we’ll introduce you to Bigg’s killer whales! Referred to as “transients” by marine researcher Dr. Michael Bigg, due to their unpredictable and […]

The Life Cycle of Dungeness Crab

The Life Cycle of the Dungeness Crab While the emphasis for our whale and wildlife tours is to seek out the giants of the Salish Sea, the smaller organisms that make up the foundation of our blue kingdom cannot be overlooked! One of the most important of these organisms that is common and often goes […]

The Magic of Seattle Whale Watching

Seattle whale watching is the best in the world! But don’t take our word for it…book a whale watching tour with Blue Kingdom to see for yourself! Seattle, nestled between the stunning Puget Sound and the majestic Olympic Mountains, is not only a haven for coffee lovers and tech enthusiasts, but also a paradise for […]

Orca Behaviors: When Do They Breach?!

Whale Behaviors- Focus on Bigg’s Killer Whales Every encounter with whales is so unique and we feel fortunate to share in the moments that they crest the surface giving us glimpses of their stories and personalities. There’s still so much beneath the surface that we don’t witness, but the above water experiences are a wonder […]

Formation and Geology of the Salish Sea

What is the Salish Sea? Unless you are a local, the “Salish Sea” might not be the first to come to mind when listing other well-known seas around the globe. This is likely because the name Salish Sea wasn’t actually recognized until 2009 after being proposed as a name 20 years earlier. “Salish” is to […]

The Mystery of the Humpback Whale Song

Whale Vocalizations Every moment we witness whales coming to the surface– just brushing the edge of the world we know– is absolutely breathtaking! We wouldn’t have such a fascination with whale watching if it weren’t for these profound moments. And when we are lucky enough to share in their playful and celebratory behaviors such as […]

Top 10 Things to Do Around Anacortes

What Does Anacortes Have to Offer? Anacortes is highly noted for being a hub for whale watching and scooting out the San Juan Islands at such a convenient jump off point. We love making it easy on our visitors to join us for some epic whale watching at a location that is easily driveable. While […]

The Who’s Who of Whales

Identifying Whales You’ve been dreaming of seeing whales in the wild, so you’ve decided to go whale watching in Anacortes, Washington! Great choice! But what kind of whales will you see? There are four species of whales that frequent the inland ocean known as the Salish Sea: The humpback, gray, minke, and orca. Depending on […]

“Big Mama” and the Humpback Comeback

The Story of “Big Mama” Of all the animals in the Pacific Northwest, the species that has one of the greatest resurgence stories is certainly the humpback! The “Humpback Comeback” in the Salish Sea is one of my all-time favorite positive conservation tales to tell and it all started with one queen of a whale! […]

Take the Ferry!

Ferry to Explore the San Juan Islands   Here in Washington State, the Department of Transportation is operating the largest ferry service in the United States! With a fleet of 21 vessels that operate over nine routes, there is timely access to places that might take several hours to drive to. In the case of […]