June 5-June 11

Our adventures continued this week. Although we had a little bit of rain for a couple of days, the whales were wonderful. We sighted all four species of whales (orca, humpback, gray, and minke) this week on our adventure tours. 

Perhaps the most memorable encounter of the week was on Sunday morning’s tour, where we had 5 minke whales, lunge feeding all around us, in glass calm water in the middle of the Strait of Juan De Fuca. The water was sparkling with candlefish (a baitfish found in the pacific northwest), and the minke whales were taking advantage of all the food!

We also had wonderful encounters with humpback whales this week, including one named “Split Fin” who has been hanging around the area.  Our killer whale sightings were also plentiful this week, we had visits from the T123, T085, T046B, and T049A families.

Lots of whales around this week, hope you can join us for an adventure soon!