April 10-16

We had a wonderful couple of whale watch adventures this week! On friday, just 10 minutes from our dock, we caught up with 2 humpback whales named “Raptor” and “Heather.” These two humpback whales are regulars in our waters so it was nice to see them back in the Salish Sea. We also found a gray whale at the end of our tour to make it a double header! The gray whale was hanging out right in front of our marina. 

On Saturday’s trip we were rewarded with Killer whales! We caught up with a group of 6 whales that included two big males T125A and T128, and the T036A family. We watched as the T036A’s initiated a hunt, and took down what looked to be a harbor seal on the northeast side of Sinclair Island. 

Bigg’s killer whale sightings have been abundant, and the humpback whales should continue to show up as we get further into spring, in addition to the gray whales that are already here! It’s a great time of the year for whale watching!