April 17-23

Another amazing week of whale watching! We had some great encounters with both killer whales and gray whales this week. 

This week we were able to catch up with a couple different groups of killer whales on Wednesday, and Friday’s tours. The highlight was on Friday, spending time with two families of orcas – the T071B’s and T124D’s. We watched as they found some lunch and spent a while prey sharing, and celebrating the kill. We also got to see two “spyhops” during the encounter, which is when a killer whale comes vertically out of the water, and take a peak around at its surroundings.  

Over the weekend we had some awesome encounters with gray whales. We spent some great time with my personal favorite gray whale, CRC383 “Cascade.” On Sunday’s trip we were fortunate to find CRC2440 “Tahoma” only 10 minutes into our trip, right outside the bay! It looks like we have a lot of sunshine in the forecast for this coming week of tours, can’t wait to get back on the water!