April 22 – April 28

Our last week of April whale watching tours were epic! We had some questionable weather, but it didn’t stop us from having a great time, and we saw killer whales on all 4 tours this week! 

This week we had encounters with the T036A, T065B, T018, T049A, and T075B families of killer whales. It was awesome to encounter a couple of these families for the first time this season after the winter offseason. 

All of our orca encounters were good this week, but perhaps the best one was on Wednesday’s tour when we met up with the T036A’s on the north side of Barnes Island. They were very happy and social, slowly swimming along with a lot of playful behavior when they were on the surface. This family is quickly becoming one of my favorite one’s to encounter, they always seem to be so playful!

That’s a wrap for April tours for us. We sighted whale on all 14 tours, and killer whales on 12/14 trips. We are off to a rocking start, and we hope you will join us soon!