April 15 – April 21

Another great week of whale watching in the San Juan Islands! We saw whales on all 4 tours this week and saw orcas on 3 of 4 trips. 

This week we had visits from a couple of gray whales,one lone male orca T087, in addition to the T018, and T049A families of orcas. 

The week was highlighted by Sunday’s tour, where we got to witness the T018’s and T049A’s taking down a steller sea lion. Sea lion hunts are always intense, and this was no exception. Immediately upon arriving on scene we could see massive splashes, whales flying out of the water, and a lot of commotion. Over the course of the next hour and a half, we watched as the orcas worked together to finish off the sea lion. After the hunt was over, we saw several celebratory breaches and some playful behavior. It was an absolutely epic encounter. These two families of killer whales seem to have a fondness for hanging out with each other, and for hunting sea lions together especially. 

We’ve had some great weather this week, and great whales, we hope you’ll join us for an epic adventure soon!