April 8 – April 14

Our first full week of whale watching tours for the 2024 season was awesome! We sighted whales on all 4 tours this week and saw killer whales on 3 of 4 tours. 

This week we had visits from T036A, T049A, T065A families of killer whales, all very frequent visitors to our area. While all of our encounters were amazing, Saturday’s tour where we encountered the T049A family was particularly memorable. When we arrived on scene, south of San Juan Island, they had recently finished up a successful steller sea lion hunt, and were prey sharing the leftovers. After the were done eating, which took quite some time, they got quite playful, including several breaches from little T049A6 “Charlie II.” It was awesome to witness the celebration after a successful hunt! 

On fridays tour we were able to make our way down Saratoga passage where we were able to catch up with a couple of gray whales hanging out on the north side of Hat Island, including #22 “Earhart”. Earhart is a bit of a legend in the gray whale community, as she was one of the first two whales to discover the rich feeding grounds of the Snohomish River delta back in 1990. Since then we have had many gray whales come back to use these waters, year after year. 

Spring is one of the best times of the year to get out whale watching, we hope you will join us soon!