April 29 – May 5

Another good week of trips with killer whale sightings on all 4 tours this week! We also had our first humpback whale encounter of the year.

We had visits from the T090, T049A, and T018 families of killer whales this week! 

Perhaps the highlight of the week was on Saturday afternoons tour, when we got to see a group of killer whales swim right past 2 humpback whales hanging around in the area. We got to see a legend of humpback whale in “Big Mama” who was hanging out with another humpback whale named “Zig Zag.” Members of the T018 and T049A families were traveling up Boundary pass, and swam within a few hundred yards of the humpback whales. Although there was no visible interaction between the two whale species, it was still very cool to see! 

Looks like the weather is going to get nice and sunny this week and we hope you will join us for a spring adventure in the Salish Sea!