July 1 – July 7

Wow, it feels like summer got here all of the sudden! We had some very warm weather this week which was amazing for our zodiac! We went out on 13 tours this week, and we saw killer whales on all of them. It was a slow week for baleen whale sightings, with just one humpback whale encounter that came on Sunday evening’s tour. But that’s okay, because the orcas were off the hook! 

This week we had encounters with the T036, T065A, T065B, T099, T075B, T035A, T109A2, T036A, and T046B families of orcas! Again, I always have such a hard time picking just one encounter to highlight as there were many amazing ones. But Sunday evening’s tour with the T046B family, was nothing short of epic. We started sunset tours for the summer this week and on sunday evening we encountered the T046B family, all 10 of them traveling together. T046B1 “Tread” and her two kids have been traveling separately from the rest of T046 “Raksha” and the rest of the family now for quite some time. So it was cool to see this family reunion of sorts. In glass calm waters, with the sun going down in the background on the south end of San Juan and Lopez islands, we watched this family travel peacefully, many times most, or all of them surfacing in unison. I turned the engines off, so we could just sit and enjoy the peace, and listen to their exhalations. 

If you have been thinking about hopping on a tour, now is the time! Take advantage of this warm weather for an Anacortes whale watch!