June 3 – June 9

We had some wonderful weather this week with a lot of sunny tours! We saw whales on all 8 of our tours and killer whales on 5 of them. We had some wonderful humpback whale encounters this week as well as a couple of minke whale sightings. 

This week we had visits from the T137, T075B, T086A, T049A, and T101 families of killer whales. Orca whale sightings this week were highlighted on Saturday afternoons tour when we encountered the T101 family heading south down San Juan Channel. This was our first time seeing these guys this year and it was wonderful to get reacquainted with old friends again! The T101 family is comprised of mom “Reef” and her two big boys “Rush” and “Lagoon.” Not long after we got there these whales got quite playful. We got to see a lot of tail slaps, a few pec slaps, and a couple of full breaches! It was amazing. 

We also had a couple of magical humpback whale encounters this week. On Saturday morning’s tour, we got to see a beloved humpback whale named “Divot”, and her new calf  for the first time this year down near Smith Island. It was so cool to see this little humpback whale calf up close. On Saturday afternoons tour, we had a lovely encounter with “Stitch” who is my personal favorite Humpback whale. We watched as he was traveling up Haro Strait, and got some great looks at him with Mt. Baker in the background. 

Another great week of adventuring in the Salish Sea. We hope you will join us for an Anacortes Whale Watch soon!