June 10 – June 16

We had a great week on the water this week. We saw killer whales on 6 of 8 tours this week and had a couple of wonderful humpback whale encounters as well. 

This week we had visits from the T065A, T034, T037, and T099 families of killer whales. As always, it’s so hard to pick just one encounter to highlight but I’ll go with our encounter with T099’s on Thursday morning’s trip. We got on scene with this family of orcas down at the north end of Saratoga passage in Crescent Harbor. When we first arrived the family was very, very spread out, doing long dives, indicating they were likely hunting and looking for food. But about 10 minutes into our encounter, T099C “Barakat” porpoised out of the water at full speed, and the chase was on. They quickly had a harbor seal rounded up, and we watched as they prey shared and finished up lunch. 

On Saturday evening’s trip, we found the humpback whale known as “Divot” and her new calf way up in the Strait of Georgia, a little south of Point Roberts. We watched as the two surfaced side by side and the calf was quite playful. She kept rolling over on her back, and sticking her pectoral fins and flukes up in the air. It was quite a magical encounter with the sun going down in the background. 

We are hopeful that some warm summer weather is right around the corner, don’t miss your chance for an adventure!