May 13 – May 19

Another incredible week in the Salish Sea! I keep thinking that this rate of killer whale sightings is going to slow down at some point, but it just hasn’t yet! We saw orcas on 5 of 6 tours this week. Year-to-date we have seen whales on every tour and orcas on 25 out of 29 tours! If you are considering coming out on whale and wildlife adventure, now is the time!

This week, we had visits from the T090, T124A, T100, and T099 families of orcas. Picking just one encounter to highlight from the week is always challenging, but out of necessity and brevity, it would be our encounter with the T090’s and T124A’s on Mondays tour. We got on scene with two families that were traveling together on the south side of the Canadian Gulf Islands, and immediately we could see that they were quite social. Over the next hour and a half we got to witness countless breaches, some spy-hops, whales swimming backwards, tail slaps, and just a ton of very playful behavior in general, an absolutely magical experience.

Also this week, we got to encounter a gray whale who has been hanging out up north on Alden Bank on two of our tours. This individual does not have a name or a scientific number quite yet, but we are hoping it will soon!

What a great week of adventuring, don’t miss your chance to get out with us on a tour soon!