May 22-28

Nothing better than spending Memorial Day Weekend out in the Salish Sea! We had lots of humpback whale sightings this weekend. It is the time of the year when a bunch of these huge whales are beginning to arrive from their winter breeding grounds around Hawaii and Mexico. We had encounters with several different humpback whales, but highlighted by an encounter with “Big Mama” and “Valiant” traveling together. Valiant earned his nickname from a reputation of inserting himself into several tussles with killer whales over the years. For more information on Big Mama – see last week’s post!

We also had encounters with a couple different families of killer whales over the weekend including the T123 family and the T124A family. Our encounter with the T123’s was particularly exciting as we got to see several spyhops and a quick hint of a harbor seal. 

Can’t wait to get back on the water this week!