May 6 – May 12

The epic start to our year continues! We have now seen whales on every tour so far this year, and killer whales on 20 of our first 23 tours! And the best part of the week was the weather was so beautiful. It was sunny and warm, and so much fun to be on the water. If you are thinking about going on a whale watch adventure, now is a great time to come!

This week we had visits from several humpback whales as well as the T090, T124D, T124A families of orcas. All of our orca whale encounters were fantastic this week, but the one that sticks out in my mind is from Sunday morning’s tour. While we were getting guests checked in at our office, Brooke and I looked out the window just in time to see killer whales right in front of our marina, from our office window! While we have whales very close by a lot of the time, this was a record I think, as the T090 family was hanging out in the bay right outside the marina entrance. It was one of the moments where I just felt so grateful and lucky to get to be in the presence of these amazing animals every day. After a quick safety brief and boat orientation, we taxied out the marina, and barely had room to speed up before we were on scene with the whales. We then had a lovely encounter with them, even having a chance to drop the hydrophone in the water and listen to them talking to each other!

Not to be lost in all of the orca sightings were our humpback encounters this week! It always seems like these whales really start to show up all at once. We had encounters with four different humpback whales this week, including one awesome encounter on Saturday mornings tour where we got welcome back “Split Fin” who is a very frequent traveler of our waters. 

We’ve got some more sunshine in the forecast this week, don’t miss your chance for a wonderful spring San Juan Islands adventure!!!