September 18 – September 24

All we can say at this point is, the killer whale sightings continue to be off the hook! We saw orcas on all 6 of our tours this week. We are very excited to see Orca Behavior Institutes end of the year numbers of Bigg’s killer whale sightings in the Salish Sea this year. I’m sure it will break the previous record!

This week we had visits from the T060, T123, T109A, T069, T069A, T035A, and T038A families of killer whales. We had a lot of memorable encounters this week. A couple of the highlights were, getting to watch the T109A’s hunt seals in the Chain Islets near Victoria, British Columbia. We also had an amazing encounter on Sunday morning’s tour when we encountered a large group of Bigg’s within 15 minutes of leaving the dock. This group consisted of members from the T137’s, 37A’s, 35A’s, and 38A’s. 11 whales in total. We got to watch this group in pristine water, with amazing morning lighting. They got particularly playful towards the end of our encounter with several breaches! 

Of course the humpback whales did not disappoint this week. We had an amazing humpback experience on Wednesday’s tour when we encountered at least 8 of these majestic animals hanging out near Race Rocks. So awesome to see these large congregations of humpbacks in our waters!

We have 5 weeks left in our 2023 whale watching Anacortes season, we hope to see you on a tour soon!