September 25 – October 1

With winter weather on the horizon, our season is starting to wind down, but the whale sightings are not! We saw whales on all 6 tours this week including killer whales on 4 of our 6 tours, and humpback whales on 3 tours as well. 

I think my favorite orca whale encounter of the week was with the T099’s and T060 families. We came across these two pods of killer whales hanging out together just a few miles south of Victoria, B.C. The whales had finished up a successful hunt of a sea lion and when we encountered them, they were feeling quite happy as we got to see lots of playful behavior including several breaches from the tiny little calf T099E. 

Although the orcas never disappoint, by far the most memorable whale encounter of the week was with feeding humpback whales around the Race Rocks ecological preserve. We encountered at least 10 of these huge animals hanging out in the tidelines around Race Rocks feeding. Many of them were lunge feeding, it was an incredible sight to behold with what felt like whales everywhere!

We will be running tours until the end of October, we hope to see you soon for an adventure on the Salish Sea!