August 14- August 20

Holy orcas!!! This week was perhaps the best stretch of orca whale watching I have experienced in 10 years of driving boats professionally. We encountered orcas on all 10 of our tours this week. We had visits from the T075B, T077, T018, T101, T036A, T038, T046, T073A, T099, T034, T037, T060 and T069 families of killer whales! 

There were so many amazing experiences with orcas this week it’s so hard to pick one favorite, but if I had to, I would say Thursday afternoon’s encounter was particularly amazing. We caught up with the T073A, T099, and T038 families of orcas down at the entrance of Admiralty inlet. They were having a grand time socializing, and two of the youngsters kept breaching continuously. There was lots of playful behavior from the rest of the whales as well.   

Although the orcas stole the show this week, we still had a couple of great humpback whale encounters as well with whales named “Divot” and “Scrimmage.” 

We’re sad the summer adventures will soon be coming to a close, but we’re super excited for fall to be here…oftentimes fall whale watching in the Salish Sea can be incredible. We hope to see you soon!

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