August 20- August 27

The amazing orca whale watching continued this week as we encountered killer whales on 9 of our 10 tours. 

We had visits from the T060, T099, T036A, T069, T046B1, and T065A families. It’s been really awesome catching up with the T60 family on multiple occasions, many of which we’ve been able to witness a few hunts! They’re either on a feeding frenzy or the timing of our trips has just lined up perfectly. The T60’s have an interesting family dynamic as well where two brothers T060D (Onca) and T060E (Lynx) will often travel in their own direction. This past week we’ve seen them on their own and also with the rest of their T60 squad. A little family reunion!

Humpbacks have also been popping up throughout the Strait of Juan de Fuca. With the winds a little more out of the north, we’ve had some exceptionally smooth trips in this waterway making it easier to visit with these magnificent humpbacks and of course our minkes!

Looks like the smoky skies are clearing and we’re ready for some stunning views and more epic whale watching as we dive into September! See you out there!!