July 10- July 16

Another wonderful week of adventuring in the Salish Sea! We had lots of amazing wildlife encounters this week. 

The T036A family of orca whales was around a lot this week, as we encountered them on several tours. It’s awesome to have them in the neighborhood for so long. This family of 6 whales is led by T036A matriarch “Leland,” a 30 year old mother of 4, and grandmother of 1!

We also had an amazing encounter with a big group of Bigg’s killer whales called a “T Party”. This is when 3 or more families of orcas get together and hang out! On Thursday afternoon’s trip we had the T065A, T049A, and T065B, and T077 (for a total of 18 whales!) families all hanging out together. It was amazing to watch this epic gathering. 

We also had some great humpback encounters this week highlighted by 2 humpback whales “Raptor” and “Divot” right outside our marina on Saturdays trips.  

We hope to see you soon for some Anacortes whale watching adventures!