June 19-June 25

What an amazing week of adventures in the Pacific Northwest! It was another week filled with killer whale sightings, as we saw orcas on 9 of 10 tours this week. 

Perhaps the most memorable whale encounter of the week was on Thursday morning’s tour with the T085 and T046B families. No sooner did we leave the dock when we received a report of these whales right in front of our marina! We had whales 10 minutes into the trip – a record for the year. We enjoyed plenty of whale time as we watched the orcas frolic down Rosario Strait. 

We also had some more great humpback whale encounters this week – particularly with two humpback whales who have been hanging together in the area for several days now. These two humpbacks are known as “Split Fin” and “Divot” and they are actually both calves of the legendary humpback whale known as “Big Mama.” It was awesome to see these guys hanging around this week. Hopefully they stick around for us!

Can’t wait to get back out there and we hope to see you soon!