May 1-7

We had our first visit with the legendary killer whale known as “Chainsaw” this week! Chainsaw is a 45 year old male, who is known for his dorsal fin resembling a chainsaw because of the big notches out of it. Check out the pics below!

Saturday mornings tour was highlighted by a T065 extended family reunion! We had T065, her son T063 (Chainsaw), and her two daughters and their families, the T065A’s, and the T065B’s. Although they are related, it’s not often that all of these families get together for a visit so it was awesome to see them all hanging out together. 

Also this week we had encounters with another family of orcas, the T023’s, a couple of different humpback whales and a plethora of other wildlife including lots of eagles, porpoise, sea lions, and seals!