October 9 – October 15

We had two whale watching tours this week, and they were both excellent, with killer whale sightings on both trips. 

On Wednesday’s tour, we had the T035A, and T038A families of orcas whales, very close to home. Upon returning to this group of whales later in the tour after our initial encounter with them, we noticed a lot of splashing and commotion, and it was evident they were hunting a harbor seal. We got to watch as the two families of whales finished the hunt, and even got very playful afterwards, as killer whales often do after a meal. 

On Sunday’s tour, we had to go very far, about 45 miles down to Port Susan, where we caught up with the T099 family of orcas. It was so worth the boat ride though, because the family was very playful throughout the encounter. We got to see lots of spy-hops, and a few breaches. It was amazing, especially with Mt. Baker in the background looking stunning! 

We’ve got two more weeks and just 5 tours left in our 2023 anacortes whale watching season. We hope to see you soon for a Salish Sea adventure!