July 31- August 6

August whale watching in the San Juan Islands started off with a bang with plenty of whales around this week! We sighted killer whales on six out of twelve tours this week, and humpbacks on 8 out of 12, and we also had a few great minke whale encounters! 

In the orca department, we had visits from the T046’s, T137’s, and T37B’s. On Wednesday afternoon’s trip, we got to watch as the powerful T046 family battled a strong incoming current in Cattle Pass, a narrow body of water between San Juan and Lopez Island. The whales fought against the current for hours, finally making the final push to get out of the little channel after a couple hours of being there. 

The highlight of the week however, was with a humpback whale named “Yogi.” We met up with Yogi on Friday afternoons tour at East Point, the easternmost point of Saturna Island, in British Columbia. On our way in, from miles away, we could see he was breaching over and over again. We approached the whale and the epic show continued, he continued breaching over and over again. He also threw in lots of pec slaps during the encounter. So breathtaking to watch an 60,000 lb animal put on the acrobatics! 

We’re looking forward to our last few weeks of summer, and we hope that you can join us soon for adventure!