October 23 – October 29

We had our last whale watch tour of the year on Sunday. It was a very cold, and beautiful day on the water. And what a wonderful way to go out, it was. We had an awesome encounter with a “T-Party” of killer whales, that included the T034’s, T037’s, and T36’s. We met up with […]

October 16 – October 22

We had three tours this week, and they were all wonderful. We had orca whales on two, and humpback whales on the other.  Tuesday’s tour was was filled with wildlife, rain, and orcas. We came across the T123 family of orcas in President’s Channel, it was pouring down rain, and we were all soaked by […]

October 9 – October 15

We had two whale watching tours this week, and they were both excellent, with killer whale sightings on both trips.  On Wednesday’s tour, we had the T035A, and T038A families of orcas whales, very close to home. Upon returning to this group of whales later in the tour after our initial encounter with them, we […]

October 2 – October 8

Sadly, our season is starting to wind down pretty quick now, with only 3 tours this week. We saw whales on all 3 tours, orcas on all 3, and humpbacks on Wednesday’s tour.  We had encounters with T049C, T123, and T137 families of orca whales this week. I think the most memorable encounter of the […]

September 25 – October 1

With winter weather on the horizon, our season is starting to wind down, but the whale sightings are not! We saw whales on all 6 tours this week including killer whales on 4 of our 6 tours, and humpback whales on 3 tours as well.  I think my favorite orca whale encounter of the week […]

September 18 – September 24

All we can say at this point is, the killer whale sightings continue to be off the hook! We saw orcas on all 6 of our tours this week. We are very excited to see Orca Behavior Institutes end of the year numbers of Bigg’s killer whale sightings in the Salish Sea this year. I’m […]

September 11 – September 17

What a wonderful week of (mostly) calm winds and awesome adventures in the Salish Sea! We had killer whale sightings on 7 of our 8 tours this week, along with some wonderful humpback whale encounters.  We had visits from the T075B, T018, T137, T037A, T060, and T123 families of killer whales this week. Although it […]

September 4 – September 10

September whale watching in Anacortes is here! September is easily my favorite month of the year to be on the water…not necessarily because the whales are better, or more plentiful, but because the boat traffic dies down after Labor Day, and most of the time the wind is very calm.  We encountered all four species […]

August 28 – September 3

Anacortes whale watching was amazing again this week.  Our incredible stretch of orca whale sightings continued this week as we had visits from the T059, T137, T037A, T099, and T065 families of orcas. This is easily the best stretch of killer whale sightings I’ve ever experienced in my career in whale watching here in the […]

August 20- August 27

The amazing orca whale watching continued this week as we encountered killer whales on 9 of our 10 tours.  We had visits from the T060, T099, T036A, T069, T046B1, and T065A families. It’s been really awesome catching up with the T60 family on multiple occasions, many of which we’ve been able to witness a few […]